OpenBor is a free engine of the game Beast of Rage (known also as Street of Rage/Bare Knuckle) from the Norwegian company of Senile Team developers. The engine was let out in 2003 and was intended for creation of 2D games based on sprites in Beat 'em up style (Fights on passing). The main part of the development of this engine specializes on implementation of projects in retro style. But it doesn't prevent games to differ with smart graphics and animation, and also magnificent music!


Download OpenBOR engine



  1. Install openbor_s60v3.sisx file
  2. In a memory card root create Openbor folder.
  3. In Openbor folder create Paks folder and place there the unpacked file of the game *.pak.
  4. Start OpenBoR engine, play.


P.S. If in Paks folder there’s one game, it starts automatically, if some games- the list of games will be displayed.


Preliminary settings:

For activation of control, start OpenBoR, press a call key, then press 7, once again a call key (once after OpenBoR installation).

To turn the screen, press a call key, then 2, and once again a call key.

For regulation of sound level, call key, joystick up - louder, joystick down - quieter, once again a call key for confirmation.


Control system:

Start - left software key.

It is possible to appoint buttons of control directly in game settings. Come into options, control options, setup player 1 and here appoint control buttons.

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