PicoDrive is an emulator of games for Sega Mega Drive. Supports roms with *.bin expansions, * iso, *.cue, *.smd, and also *.gen (this format is started only from zip-archives), roms can be connected directly in zip-archive, without unpacking.


Download the emulator:

PicoDrive 1.3.5 (rus) for Symbian 9.1-9.4

PicoDrive 1.5.1 for Symbian 9.1-9.4, Symbian^3

PicoDrive for Symbian 7, 8, 8.1

PicoDrive for Symbian 6


How to install a game on the PicoDrive emulator:

1 . Download and install the emulator on the phone

2 . Download the game file on a memory card in any folder (for this purpose it is possible to allocate a separate folder for emulator games)

3 . Start the emulator and choose Load new ROM/ISO in the menu

4 . Choose the file of the game from the folder where you downloaded it.

For support of the expanded Sega Mega-CD version it is necessary to install addition - bios. Copy any 2 Bios eu and us in the C:/Data/picodrive folder.


Download bios for PicoDrive v1.5.1


If separate details aren't visible in the games (as, for example, in Batman Returns), it is necessary to change settings, choose Change Options-> by [Sega/Mega CD options], change Scale/Rot parameters. fx and Better sync on ON.


Control system:

C/Backspace button - a step back in the menu

Joystick to the left/to the right - sound volume control

Button 2 - screen orientation (portrait/landscape)

Button 4 - return original resolution of the game / stretch on all screen

Button 5 - on/off smoothing

Button 6 - on/off saving of proportions (at image stretching on all screen)

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